Farzad Naimi

Farzad Naimi is a serial entrepreneur and managing partner at RONA Holdings. He brings more than 26 years of successful Silicon Valley startup leadership, including co-founding four startups with successful IPOs in the U.S., Japan and Brazil.

Naimi started his high-tech career as the head of technology at Centex Telemanagement, a startup at the time, and led Centex to its IPO, prior to its acquisition by MCI. He continued his career as executive vice president and COO at Prestige International, Japan’s largest customer relationship management organization, that later had a successful IPO in Japan. Naimi was a co–founder of Genesys Labs, a leader in delivering real-time customer interaction software solutions to medium and large businesses. Genesys Labs went public and was subsequently acquired by Alcatel for $1.6 billion in 2000.

He also participated in a successful startup, VisaNet do Brazil, which was funded by Visa International and four major banks in Brazil. VisaNet do Brazil -- now known as Cielo -- has since become the largest e–commerce and retail banking group in Latin America with a successful IPO in 2009 that raised $4.3 billion, the largest IPO in the world that year. Naimi also co–founded several other companies, including LiteScape Technologies, IQLabs and Sentek.

Naimi believes mentorship is the cornerstone of successful entrepreneurship. He is actively involved with the non-profit organization Pars Equality Center, and he plays a crucial role in the mentorship of RONA Holdings startups. Promoting and internationalizing entrepreneurship is both his philosophy and mission in life.

Nami has a B.S. EE in Computer Science from Cogswell University and a Masters of Science in Telecommunications Management from Golden Gate University.