- My Paintings - 

All of my paintings have a special place in my heart and I keep most of the nearby, either with friends and family or at my own home. They are close companions who remind me of impact life event for the simple joy of living. Each one has it's uniques story some of which I share in my book "Farzad My Dreams. My Journey." 

- Nature -

- Ancient Roots - 

My mother used to read the works of famous Persian poets at night-time to me and my siblings. We enjoyed it so much. The one who stood out to me was the thirteenth-century Persian poet, Rumi /Mawlānā. His passion for humanity had a major impact on my interpersonal and philosophical development.

I hold to no religion or creed,
am neither Eastern nor Western,
Muslim or infidel,
Zoroastrian, Christian, Jew or Gentile.
I come from neither land nor sea,
am not related to those above or below,
was not born nearby or far away,
do not live either in Paradise or on this Earth,
claim decent not from Adam and Eve or the Angels above,
I transcend body and soul.
My home is beyond place and name.
It is with the beloved, in a space beyond space.
I embrace all and am part of all.


This painting represents the Raqs-e-Sama (Dance of Universe) performed by Sufis in memory of Rumi. 

- Patterns -

Masks and People