NAIMIgroup is built on three unified pillars - Create, Grow, Share - a formula that takes the best of what has been imagined and created and applies it toward enriching society.


- Create - 

Farzad Naimi is a creator of ideas - ideas the find their way on canvas, in business conference rooms, and everyday lives. Though his artwork, Farzad seeks to share his dreams and journey as a mode of inspiration for others. This is a motivation that extends to his entrepreneurship and philanthropy. 


- Grow - 

We are privileged to have a role in the success and future of the following esteemed entrepreneurs and startups that are helping to better our planet and revolutionize our world.


- Portfolio - 

Agralogics provides a data platform for Food and Water Enterprises to improve their operational efficiency through tools to improve in-field collaboration, regulatory compliance, and resource conservation. Using Data Science, Flexible Mobile and Insight and Operational Dashboards, Agralogics provides quantified savings to these Enterprises for their global operations.
Agralogics mission is to enable Food and Water Enterprises to improve their operational efficiency and sustainability using actionable data and information.


Aurora Algae was acquired by Reliance Holding USA in 2016.


Apixio delivers actionable insights from textual, scanned and coded data for optimal risk assessment, population management and revenue.


- Share - 

We invest in sustainable institutions that effect positive global change. We primarily target two areas: Philanthropic foundations taking big bets towards enriching the value of human life, as well as innovative educational and research foundations committed to shaping the future minds of tomorrow.

We support established foundations pursuing out-of-the-box—yet validated—strategies towards realizing common human dreams and values. These foundations have defined themselves more as movers rather than traditional philanthropy organizations, taking risks and opening up new doorways for cross-border and cross-cultural aid programs.

We are also committed to groundbreaking educational and research foundations. We support entrepreneurial and innovative research programs at top universities and institutions around the world, nurturing emerging leaders and providing them with the tools for meaningful global exchange and impact.